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Proposal Services

The key to every winning proposal is ensuring that you get the right message to your customer within the constraints they may have placed around the Request for Proposal (RFP), its requirements, and its evaluation factors and sub-factors.

Often having to work within tight page limitations, choosing the right words to place into your proposal is critically important. And while selecting the right words starts during the capture phase, when you are trying to understand the customer, their wants and needs (both spoken and unspoken), and influence the requirements and RFP itself, it is how that influence is communicated within the proposal that determines who wins.

Whatever your proposal need, our professional proposal management consultants have the experience, knowledge, and specialized skills needed to help you formulate your proposal messages (we call them Win Themes) and communicate them successfully—helping you deliver a compliant, clear, and compelling proposal that meets and exceeds your customer's expectations.

Proposal services available include:

“It’s not the proposal with the most strengths that wins, it’s the one with the fewest weaknesses.”

Let us show you how to eliminate the weaknesses in your next proposal by augmenting your team with our proven, effective, efficient, proposal consultants.

Benefits you can expect from our proposal management services include; lower proposal costs, increased customer satisfaction with your proposal submissions, more effective proposal reviews - increasing the quality of your proposal, increased proposal team efficiency, improved clarity of proposal writing and graphics, and more effective Win Themes and their usage throughout your proposals.

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