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The SABR Approach

Like a toolkit containing only a hammer, rigid capture and proposal processes that cannot adapt to meet changing customer and client environments will most often not result in getting the job done. We purposely designed our Strategic Acquisition and Bid Readiness (SABR) approach with numerous on-ramps and off-ramps that allow our clients to adapt the process to meet their individual new business pursuit needs.

Whether you engage us two years before you plan to submit a proposal or 30 days before your proposal is due, SABR offers the right tools and techniques to help give your capture and proposal messages the clarity, conciseness, and completeness needed to deliver maximum value and effectiveness in your business pursuit.

Successful companies recognize that building and implementing the right business development (BD), capture, and proposal processes is key to their future new business growth and success. They also understand that the sooner they implement a well-designed process, the more successful they will be.

Our experienced consultants have successfully worked with both large and small companies to tailor and implement our SABR approach—providing our clients with defined, repeatable, managed, measured, and optimized processes that helped significantly grow their new business, reduce acquisition costs, improve productivity, and increase proposal win rates.  Our team stands ready to provide the right mix of process, tools and techniques, reviews, and executive-level guidance to help you achieve new business growth.

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