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How SABR Can Benefit You
How SABR Can Benefit You

Implementing the right approach
to optimizing competitive capture and proposal activities by putting the right capture and proposal processes in place can help

  • Maximize your Probability of Win (Pwin),
  • Ensure repeatability of your processes
  • Increase customer satisfaction with the quality and completeness of your submitted proposals
  • Reduce your costs to capture new business and develop compelling proposals,
  • Make better pursuit and bid/no-bid decisions,
  • Identify both positive and negative trends in your capture and proposal effectiveness earlier, and
  • Enable significant new business growth.

Our Strategic Acquisition and Bid Readiness (SABR) approach has proven itself to be an effective method of enhancing business development efforts in companies of all sizes and markets, ranging from software and service companies, telecommunications equipment and wireless networking and services providers, to defense/aerospace industries—with all of them experiencing increases in capture efficiency and, most importantly, competitive proposal wins.

When you are ready to see how SABR can help you achieve maximum Pwin for your future new business acquisition pursuits, our SABR experts are prepared to assess your needs and customize a solution that fits within your company's unique management and marketplace. After a thorough analysis of your existing organization and processes, our team members will work with you to develop an achievable implementation plan that provides near immediate positive results and helps you to move your organization towards achieving a higher level of business development maturity.

Contact us to learn how we can help you assess your organization's needs and develop a customized SABR approach that enables you to achieve the significant new levels of business growth your desire.

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