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In 1985, our founder recognized that while there were many "best practice" processes for Business Development (BD), capture management, and a select few for proposal management, finding a process that helped bring all of these different disciplines together into a cohesive, integrated approach—eliminating much of the information loss and duplication of work that occurred across disparate organizations—proved very difficult. Another challenge with existing approaches (many of which still exist today) was that they were steeped in inflexible rules and guidelines that simply did not allow a company to quick adopt or modify the process to fit the dynamic sales environment.

While in a perfect world, every opportunity would be identified 30 months before the customer released a Request for Proposal (RFP), the company's BD organization would influence the customer so effectively that it became a sole source award, and when those select few RFPs were competitive, the capture team would have done such a masterful job that the proposal submission only required an invoice! Of course, having never located that perfect world, we opted to develop a capture and proposal methodology that:

  • Was scalable to support small companies with very little staff or very large, multi-national corporations that supported a global sales organization,
  • Had the flexibility to allow entry into the process at various stages throughout the BD lifecycle, 
  • Enabled sound bid/no bid decison making,  
  • Provided performance metrics that served as leading indicators of capture and proposal success 
  • Allowed the sales/BD organization, capture management, and proposal management teams to work as a truly integrated group, and
  • Promoted ease of knowledge transfer and information sharing throughout the process

As years went by, we recognized that the best processes were those flexible enough to change to meet a seemingly ever-changing customer and sales cycles. Thus, we continued to adapt and improve upon our SABR approach. Today's version has applied over 25 years of lessons learned in both the commercial and government industries, serving both domestic and international markets.

here to view an overview of our SABR approach to maxmizing your company's capture and proposal effectiveness and Probability of Win (Pwin).

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